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290 / 6 night - 7 day

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Date: 02 April, 2018 — 15 October, 2018

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Dates of arrivals:
02.04.2018, 28.05.2018, 25.06.2018, 23.07.2018, 20.08.2018, 17.09.2018, 15.10.2018

Tour program

1 day

08:30 Meeting of the team in Budapest (up to Ferenc Liszt)
10:00 Transfer by bus to Bratislava (~ 200 km.)
14:00 Check-in at the hotel in Bratislava
15:00 Walking tour in Bratislava.

Impressions of the day:
Bratislava is a lovely capital. It is a unique capital in the world, which borders directly with two other states - Austria and Hungary. Bratislava is an amazingly beautiful city, in which there is something to see. After gaining independence, when the city again became the capital, business came to it, and with it money and restoration, of course. Keep in mind that the city is flourishing year after year, becoming more and more interesting for tourists, who is important not only to hear about the glorious history, but also to see historical places, all sights and museums with their own eyes. Bratislava Fortress, Evangelical Lyceum, Old Town, Gothic St. Martin's Cathedral, Mikhal Gate with a grandiose tower ... all this you will see with us during a walking tour.

2 day

08:00 Breakfast
09:00 Traveling by bus to Vienna (Austria, ~ 60 km)
11:00 Walking tour of Vienna
13:00 Free time
19:00 Traveling by bus to Brno (Czech Republic, ~ 150 km)
21:00 Check-in at the Hotel Brno

Impressions of the day:
Vienna, of course, is one of the oldest cities not only in Europe, but also in the world. What the inhabitants did not see and what memories his ancient stones did not store in ancient times.

Today Vienna is a city of waltzes, arts, galleries, museums and exquisite park ensembles. Vienna has many features inherent in the capitals of large state formations. Luxurious temples, residences of the most august persons, theaters, opera halls, wide areas. Vienna deserves to be called one of the most beautiful and interesting capitals of the world. According to international research, Vienna for the fifth consecutive time ranked first in the world for quality of life among 221 cities. Therefore, the capital of Austria can not be missed on a trip to the Magnificent Five.

3 day
Cesky Krumlov

07:30 Breakfast
08:30 Traveling by bus to Cesky Krumlov (Czech Republic, ~ 240 km)
13:00 Walking tour of Cesky Krumlov
15:00 Free time
19:00 Traveling by bus to Prague (Czech Republic, ~ 180 km)
21:00 Check-in at the hotel in Prague

Impressions of the day:
During the communist regime, Krumlov experienced a decline, but after the velvet revolution was largely restored and is now one of the most popular tourist centers in the Czech Republic. Famous first of all for its stunningly beautiful castle complex, which is on the UNESCO World Heritage List, the city seduces both fans of outdoor activities, and fans of festivals, and romantic couples. In Cesky Krumlov you will feel yourself in this Fairy Tale. At every step - in the castle, park, over the river, on narrow streets and in salt caves - legends and legends come to life here. And it seems that to meet at night a gnome carrying a gold bullion is really possible. And if you also want to try masterpieces of local cuisine and drink traditional Czech beer, well, this city will forever remain in your memory.

4 day

08:00 Breakfast
09:00 Walking tour of Prague
13:00 Free time (+ Additional excursion)

Impressions of the day:
The main political, economic and cultural center of the Czech Republic. A major tourist center of Europe. Prague is a traditional European cultural center, the venue for many famous events of international importance: the international music festivals Prague Spring and Prague Autumn, the Prague International Organ Music Festival, the Prague Writers' Forum, the International Documentary Film Festival on Human Rights One World, Prague Festival of Experimental Art, World Festival of Gypsy Art, International Competition-Festival of Children and Youth Creativity "Magic Stars of Prague" and others.

In Prague, there is always good weather - for enjoying life in all its diversity. On a sunny day, it's nice to walk along the Prague Castle, past the St. Vitus Cathedral, the Charles Bridge, the Crusader Square and other sights.

At any point in Old Prague, you can simply take and go: at every step, the look of the traveler will open up new architectural revelations and open-air views. This is really a city.

+ Additional excursion:
Each of you, of course, heard that Prague is a mystical and mysterious city. However, during a classic walking tour of the Czech capital, you hardly have time to enjoy this feature of the city in full.

Not a few people know about the beer resort of Khodovar, where beer spa procedures were organized for the first time, it was here, in Western Bohemia, that the Czech brewers opened the world's first beer spa.

Romantic Prague, accompanied by interesting stories about this magnificent city - all this during the evening walk along the Vltava. And after a tour of the Vltava you can walk all night, because tomorrow there will be a trip to Dresden.

Approximate duration of the tour is 2 hours.

5 day

08:00 Breakfast
09:00 Free time (+ Travel to Dresden, Germany, ~ 160 km)
18:00 Traveling by bus to Brno from Dresden (Czech Republic, ~ 350 km)
22:00 Check-in at the Hotel Brno

Impressions of the day:
The city is popular with its architectural monuments, brilliant collections of paintings and other works of art. After the devastating World War II, Elizabeth's Historical Bridge could not be restored in its original form. A new bridge was opened in 1964. The world-famous Dresden Gallery in the city. During the Second World War, the gallery survived more than one bombardment and evacuation. Part of the paintings after these events was irretrievably lost. The main events that take place annually in Dresden fascinate many people from all over the world. Dresden is one of the most visited cities in Germany.

+ Travel to Dresden
This city can be called a solid example of democracy, here even dogs can enter the cafe. Dresden is a city of antithesis. It is the capital of shopping and classical music, folk festivals and baroque, knight fights and home cooking. Youth attracts here, entertainment until the morning, and middle-aged people - the taste of local cuisine, the invariable German service and coziness.

6 day

08:00 Breakfast
09:00 Traveling by bus to Budapest (Hungary, ~ 320 km)
14:00 Check-in at the hotel in Budapest
15:00 Walking tour of Budapest
18:00 Free time
21:00 Additional excursion (walking along the Danube)

Impressions of the day:
Mount Gellert, it is a hill in the center of Budapest in height of 235 meters.
This mountain is also called a "mountain of witches", because according to the legends, it was here that the witches from all over the region gathered at the coven.
From the mountain you can see a stunning view of the Danube, Pest and I will see the Basilica of István, the Parliament, the Buda Castle and other sights. At the foot of the mountain there is a hotel with the same name and famous baths.

+ Additional excursion:
The best rest after a day filled with impressions and walks is the enjoyment of the view of the evening city with a glass of champagne ...

7 day

08:00 Breakfast
10:00 Free time (shopping, shopping centers)
21:00 Transfer to the airport

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